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Ideas to improve your fire pit activities in the backyard 2022 Guideline

by VIVOHOME SUPPORT 09 Jan 2024 2 Comments

Whether on frigid winter evenings, or the warm nights of summer, there is nothing like a fire pit to take your outdoor space to the next level. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit can help you create lasting memories with friends and families under the stars and to cherish forever. It's the perfect social distancing entertainment option. With the summer season starting, there's no better plan for outdoor entertaining than creating a cozy gathering spot around a glowing patio or deck fire pit or outdoor fireplace. 

For thousands of years, people have gathered in a circle around an open campfire or bonfire. Cooking over the flames, talking, singing, maybe even dancing. It is an intimate bonding experience everyone enjoys in a group. Or with only two people, it tops the romance potential charts.

Worry and apprehension fade away at night as loved ones talk, laugh, and grill hot dogs over the roaring flames. Keep the fun rolling by roasting marshmallows and making dessert. Serve with your favorite coffee and hot cocoa. And also, here are some ideas about how to upgrade the fire pit area in your backyard.

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Picture this: You are sitting outside with your family on a beautiful evening. A vast cobalt blue sky covered with twinkling stars overhead, a warm glow from the comfortably crackling fire. You've got the perfect scenery, now all you're missing is some fun things to do! Make your evening unforgettable with the magic of a fire pit.

Safety First

Since fire pits do contain... fires, proper precautions must be taken to keep your home and loved ones safe.

1. Use wood-burning fire pits only on dirt or other non-combustible materials

2. Maintain vertical clearance from flammable vegetation and branches

3. Maintain a 10-foot radius around the building

4. Use safety screens in dry areas.

Set the scene

1. Set up tents and go camping in the backyard. - A fire pit allows for spontaneous camping outdoors without the packing, four-hour drive, and lack of amenities (your bathroom is still right there!)

2. Watch a family favorite movie (yes, outdoors) on a projector screen. - Fire pit brings instant ambiance and drama to your outdoor theater. Hang a sheet, grab the popcorn, crank the sound, and remember to mute your cellphones.

3. Tell spooky campfire stories. - The sound of burning embers is the perfect soundtrack for tales of suspense and mystery.

Enjoy the present

1. Play board / card games.

2. Share stories with friends and family. What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you? What's your fondest memory?

3. Chill out and listen to relaxing music with outdoor speakers. - As far as the genre for this, jazz might be worth exploring.

4. Play some musical instruments and sing.

5. Play backyard games like volleyball (at a safe distance).

Invoke your imagination and creativity

1. Read an enticing novel and explore a new genre.

2. Write a poem (the scenery is inspiring)!

3. Sketch a picture.

Cook outside

1. Eat a homemade dinner by the fire.

2. Bake a pie in the oven and then share dessert around the fire.

3. Enjoy a cup of coffee made with the convenience of a coffee maker .

4. Spend quality time together with your friends and family.

Watch the sunset / sunrise. - Some days, if you're lucky, end up being the perfect opportunity to admire the sky above us - and there's really no need to do anything else. If your outdoor fire pit is functioning properly, there is nothing stopping you and your guests from staying outside to watch a beautiful red-orange sunset or the moon in a cloudless night sky. In those moments, you might even want to take a group photo, so remember to have your camera ready as well.

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31 Jul 2022 Dan

Let’s explore all the fun in summer together!

07 Jul 2022 Rosy

Can’t wait to enjoy the fire pit in my backyard!!

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