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Ideas for How to Teach Your Kids to Care for Pet Dogs

by Hien Mai 09 Jan 2024 4 Comments

2022 Ideas for How to Teach Your Kids to Care for Pet Dogs

Did your kids have an exciting time with the pet dogs? Have you ever taught your kids how to take good care of them? Taking care of pet dogs can not only bring kids fun and happiness but also develop their patience and sympathy. Today let’s talk about pet ideas for kids, and how to teach your kids to care for pet dogs, it’s a great chance to practice taking care of others and thinking from others’ perspectives.

NO.1 Prepare a Dog Bed or Dog House

We all need a specific space just for ourselves to have a good rest with a sense of security, and so do the dogs. So the first thing to take care of dogs is to prepare a dog bed or a dog house.

We highly recommend you buy a dog house if you are troubled with pet dander or dog smell in your house, it will help to solve the problem. It’s hard to clean the pets’ dander when it is scattered in the house or the yard. After having a dog house, the places where your dog spends most time will be centered around the dog house. Therefore, you can just mainly clean the dog house and have effective cleaning work.

Besides, you can DIY some miniature furniture with your kids for the dog. Just like creating a mini world by your hands, isn’t that fun? Last but not least, remember to clean the bowl that your dog uses to eat regularly, which is also beneficial for its health. Tell your kid how to clean the bowl and give this task to him or her as a mission. Then the kids will experience the efforts of labor and the happiness from taking care of the ones that are weaker than them.

 NO.2 Learn How to Take a Bath for a Dog

Does your dog love to have a bath or not? We have collected several tips for you to give your dog a pleasant bath.

Firstly, some dogs refuse to have a bath because of the fear of choking. Therefore, if you take a bath for your dog in the bathroom, be careful not to use the showerhead towards your dog’s nose, and do not spray water into their head too much.

Secondly, dogs are sensitive to smells so they may don’t like the scent of shower gel. The strong scent may make dogs feel unsafe. You can use it a little once a time or choose a shower gel with a light smell. Comfort the dogs if they are anxious. It would be a nice scene when your kid learns to comfort the dog.

The third one relates to sounds. After cleaning, it’s time to use a hair dryer. Since dogs have sharp ears, the sound of a hair dryer may be dangerous and super annoying to them. At this time, you need to teach your kid to be patient. Use a weak power of the dryer at the beginning, and gradually increase the wind when the dog is adapt to it.


On sunny and warm days, you can also provide a pet swimming pool which will be a good item for the kids and dogs to have a good time. Some ocean balls will add more fun!

NO.3 Play Games and Take Exercises 

Life lies in the movement. Dogs usually like jumping or running outside, it’s also a good chance to train their agility. There are various games that your kids can play with the dog. Let me introduce some to you!

Tug of War: This game is super suitable if your dog is heavy. But remind that safety first, be careful with the dog’s teeth and choose a heavy-duty rope for the game.

Frisbee: It’s like an advanced game of fetch because it promotes your dog to chase over long distances. It’s a lot of fun for dogs because they have a natural drive to chase. If your dog doesn’t know how to catch a frisbee, you can try to start by using a soft disc. Don’t forget to teach your kids how to encourage dogs!

 Chase Bubbles: It’s a relaxing game both for the owner and the dog. You can make an example for your kid, and then let your kid show how to catch bubbles to the dog.

Find the Treats: Just like all nose work games, it aims to let the dogs train their natural sniffing abilities in a mentally stimulating and interesting way.

This dog agility training kit is also a great choice. There are abundant training ways including tunnel drilling, pauses, jumping, and so on. These movements will help the dogs improve their skills and have a good exercise. It’s also beneficial to the relationship between the dog and owner.

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25 Sep 2022 Ivy

very useful

14 Sep 2022 Jessie

gonna get a pet swimming pool for my dog

06 Sep 2022 Vivian

The doggies are so cute!

30 Aug 2022 Ivy

The NO.2 part is so helpful, very considerable advice

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