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How to use self-clean function of vivohome ice maker machine?

by Globo 22 May 2023 0 Comments

How to use self-clean function of vivohome ice maker machine?

    Your kitchen now has to include an ice maker since you can offer a range of cold foods with it in addition to getting fresh ice to create cool drinks in the summer. Your ice maker still has to be cleaned, even if you only use fresh, clean water to produce ice.

vivohome ice maker

    Why does an ice maker need the self-clean function?

    Ice must first be treated and cared for in the same manner as other items since the FDA has designated it as a food. Any type of equipment you use, whether it be a countertop, built-in, or vivohome ice maker, has to be cleaned and maintained correctly. The component unit that comes into touch with water may grow mold, slime, or scale. And to make matters worse, it may even contain potentially lethal germs. Therefore, cleaning your ice maker is essential if you want to maintain excellent health. Additionally, regular maintenance of the ice maker keeps it operating effectively and prevents needless wear. 

Signs that your ice machine requires cleaning 

    -The ice produced from the ice maker has unpleasant smell or tastes funky.

    -The ice cubes are smaller than they should be or they are incomplete.

    -The ice become cloudy (unless it is designed this way) or not clear.

    -Mold or mildew can be seen in the machine or ice chute.

vivohome ice maker

    How to clean an ice maker?

  1. Drain the water from the ice machine and unplug it.

It is advised to unplug the ice maker in order to prevent any potentially hazardous situations. Therefore, removing the machine's plug from the electrical plug must come first before continuing with the operation. You may also remove and set aside any filters you may have applied to your machine. 

  1. Maintain the device

    Your ice machine may be cleaned using a homemade vinegar and warm water solution. Fill a spray bottle with water and white vinegar, then start cleaning. You may spray down and completely saturate your ice maker with the homemade solution to keep dirt from getting into the corners, and then wipe the dirt from the water reservoir with a moist cloth. 

  1. A bushel of clean ice

    The ice bushel has a tendency to fill up with a lot of unrelated detritus over time. As a result, you must remove the ice basket and completely wash it with soap and warm water. Following that, you must wait for the ice bushel to dry entirely. Since vinegar not only helps to fight mold and mildew but is also effective at deodorizing, it is also recommended here. 

  1. Inspect your ice maker

    Reassemble the ice maker and switch on the appliance once all of its components have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. You can use your ice maker two or three times before getting rid of the ice. Since vinegar was used, it's alright if the first batch of ice cubes has a strange flavor; it will go away over the course of the following several batches. 

    Your ice maker will be able to create excellent, clean, flavorless ice cubes once all these procedures are complete. It is advised to clean your ice maker's water tank once a week and the entire unit once every six months. Even yet, you're still doing better than most people if you just clean your ice machine once a year.

vivohome ice maker

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