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how to install an awning canopy

by VIVOHOME OFFICIAL 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

How to install an awning canopy

A new awning can transform your deck or patio into a delightful open-air gathering place for friends and family. Awnings are a simple tool that can protect yourself and your furniture from harmful UV rays while also relieving heat.

Installing an awning is a great way to enjoy the outdoors on a hot day. Awnings can provide shade 20 degrees below direct sun. The extra shade from the awning will also help keep your home cool, reducing home energy costs. But they can be difficult to install. Anchoring an awning to your home can seem overwhelming. But with the right information, the installation and anchoring of new coverings can be quick and relatively easy!

1. Mark the exact center of the door it will hang from. Measure the entire length of the door. Divide that number by half to get the exact center of the door. Use a felt-tip pen or a permanent marker to draw a line over the center of the door. For example, if your door spans 3.5 feet (1.1 meters), split it in half to get 1.75 feet (0.53 meters).

2. Draw a mark on the exact center of the awning. Measure the entire length of the awning, then divide that number by 2 to get the exact center. Mark your awning subtly with a felt tip pen or a permanent marker. For instance, if your awning is 5 feet (1.5 meters), make a mark at 2.5 feet (0.76 meters).

3. Raise the awning and draw a straight line where it will be installed. Have a second person help you lift the awning to where it will be installed. Use a pencil or felt tip to draw a line from end to end under the awning. Consider the length of the bracket and align the center of the awning with the center of the door. Make sure this line is straight and is exactly where you want the awning to be.

4. Mark where the brackets will be on the wall. Your awning will come with 2 to 3 brackets which must be mounted on the wall before installation. Using the straight lines as a guide, lift the brackets at the ends and the middle, and use a pencil to mark where the holes need to be drilled. Tip: It is important to make sure the brackets are aligned. Before you start drilling, use a tape measure or other straight edge to line up the marks you made for the brackets.

Now we can start the real work. Drill holes for the mounting bracket screws. Read your awning instructions for the exact drill bit to use. Using the marks you made as a guide, drill holes where the brackets will be mounted. Typically, the instructions will recommend a 12 or 14mm drill. To drill into bricks, use a masonry drill. For vinyl siding, use a drill to reverse drill a small hole before drilling the larger hole. To drill into the plaster, cover the area to be drilled with painter's tape to reduce dust. Then, drill the tape into the wall.

Use a screwdriver or drill to screw in the brackets. Align the brackets with the holes and install the screws that came with the awning. Use a spirit level to make sure each bracket is straight. You may also have to install a nut and a washer on each screw. Check your instruction manual to find out exactly what hardware you should be using.

Lift the awning up to the brackets. Have a second person help you with this part. Reach for the brackets that are installed with your awning. Slide your awning into the brackets, making sure it is straight and snug. The ends of the awning should not stick out of the brackets on the sides. If your awning does not fit the brackets, it could mean that your brackets are not aligned. 

Secure the awning pole to the bracket. Attach the hardware to the awning pole via brackets to hold it in place. Make sure the hardware you are using is tight and your awning doesn't wobble.

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19 Sep 2022 Vicky

Thanks for teaching how to install the awning.

15 Sep 2022 Penny

So detailed instruction!

14 Sep 2022 Sam

I will never have to hire a professional to help me with this anymore. Can’t wait to try it myself.

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