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2022 How To Deal With Rusty Plant Stand

by VIVOHOME SUPPORT 17 May 2022 3 Comments

How To Deal With Rusty Plant Stand


        If you are a plant lover and keep a lot of plants at home, then you should have at least a few plants stands in your house. Having a plant stand not only helps you to neatly display multiple plants, but it is also a beautiful decoration that can bring outdoors indoors. Plants stands are also a great choice if you have a small balcony, deck, or yard space. While there are quite a few benefits to having a plant stand, there may still be some problems you may encounter. For example, if you are using a metal plant stand, you may find that it becomes rusty over time. Those orange stains are not only unpleasant to see, but they can also ruin your furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the rust from metal as soon as you notice it. This blog is to provide some ways to deal with the rusty plant stand.


  1. Use Vinegar

        Vinegar is known as a natural cleanser and home remedy due to its acidic and antibacterial properties. You can also use lemon juice instead of vinegar, but it is recommended to use white vinegar. Adding a pinch of salt will help to increase the acidic intensity, which will help to make the cleaning solution stronger. After preparing, you need to apply the vinegar solution to the rusted areas and then leave it for a few hours. Later you can use steel wool, rag, or a scouring pad to scrub the rust and wipe it off. If the plant stand is made of delicate or thin metal, you can add a little elbow grease, which will help the rust come off nicely.


  1. Use Baking Soda

        Baking soda can be found in almost every home and is very effective in removing rust from metal surfaces. You can make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and then apply this solution to the rusted areas. After about 1 hour, you can scrub the metal with steel wool or a scrubber until the rust particles are removed. Depending on the severity of the rust, you may need to repeat the process twice or more times.


  1. Use Abrasive Buff Wheels

        This is by far the quickest and most hassle-free way to remove rust from your metal items. But it has some requirements for tools, which are not as easy to find as vinegar or baking soda. You need to attach a Brown EVE Fiberwheel Abrasive Buff wheel into a rotary tool and set the speed to approximately 7,000rpm. And then all you need to do is gently move the abrasive over the metal. The rust will disappear in seconds. Remember to wear protective equipment such as goggles and eye protection while working.


        Still, if possible, it would be best that we can prevent rust from arising in advance. You can do your best to keep the plant stand dry to protect it from moisture, which is the main cause of rust. Regular maintenance will also help to keep your plant stand from the danger of rusting. Wipe the plant stand with a clean dry cloth and oil it regularly will help a lot. Otherwise, you can always purchase a galvanized or rust-proof painted plant stand, which makes most things easier.



VIVOHOME Metal Plant Stand



        The VIVOHOME Steel-Wood Plant Stand can be a good choice for you to consider if you are looking for one. The surface of the iron pipe is coated with paint to avoid rust and it is not easy to be damaged. Made of premium particle boards that are 25mm thick, this curved plant stand is high-density and has a long service life. What's more, being environmentally friendly and natural, it will surely be a better home experience.

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10 Aug 2022 Cindy

Abrasive Buff Wheels, sounds innovative!

09 Aug 2022 Vivian

Lucky to read this practical blog

04 Aug 2022 Joey

The vinegar is helpful!

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