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How to Celebrate the 2022 Independence Day?

by Thimatic 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

How to Celebrate the 2022 Independence Day? 

The birthday of the United States is coming! The tradition of this festival dates back to the 18th century and the American Revolution. On July 4th, 1776, delegates from the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence which is drafted by Thomas Jefferson. Thus this holiday marks the birth of American independence and it’s a great time to celebrate freedom and enjoy life! How will you spend that day? Here are some ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities.

1. Decorate your home with Red, White, and Blue 

The decoration is the best way to create a festival atmosphere. When it comes to Independence Day, it is a perfect time to use the colors red, white, and blue. You can buy some cute inflatable toys, for example, Uncle Sam, which is super suitable for this day.

Besides, you can also do it yourself, putting your creative ideas into reality. Let me give you some hints, prepare some paper that is in the three colors, and then fold it or use scissors, string, and glue to make the paper become different shapes such as flower, windmill, wreath, or even fan. You will feel excited when you get the decoration done!




2. Watch related movies

Watching a movie can take our mind to a different time and space, and also helps people to relax. Here are some movies and TV series for you to choose from during the holiday.


The first one is The Patriot, which is set in the Battle of Cowpens. Mel Gibson played the father in this story which reveals the relationship between a home and a war.


The second is fiction, Independence Day, this movie depicts an invasion by the aliens and the resistance of humans.


The last is a mini-TV series called John Adams, it chronicles most of U.S. President John Adams's political life and his role in the founding of the United States, and also describes the touching story of him and his wife Abigail. 







3. Do outdoor sports with your families

When it comes to holidays, outdoor sports are indispensable. Going out to have a good exercise is beneficial for both mental and physical health. If you don’t know what sports to do, we highly recommend this baseball practice net. Its netting height is appropriate for beginners and skilled people, and its swing trainer is suitable for all ages. It’s easy to set up, sturdy, and practical. Give yourself a chance to build up your muscles!



4. Have a barbecue, grill meat, and share with others 

Celebrating this day with a good old American cookout is always a joyful choice. Who doesn’t like delicious meat? You can just set a stove in your backyard and cook the meat by yourself. You may share it with your neighbors or even hold a party to relish the food with more friends. 


5. Go camping and watch fireworks 

Watching a firework display is a special activity on Independence Day and it’s perfect to be done with camping! You are going to have an amazing view of the fireworks and enjoy the splendid scenery at the same time. Remember to plan the place for camping ahead, ensure there will be a firework play in the vicinity and pay attention to the weather condition. 



6. Watch the parade or go to a concert

In addition to the firework, the parade is another special activity. Those floats, horses, cheerleaders, military units, and marching bands pass by, what an exciting moment! And when the flags waving, the participants hand out candy. It will be such a happy moment for kids. Also, there will be concerts in different places, don’t miss it if you are a fan of live music! 



Hope you guys have a happy Independence Day! View our history blog to get more ideas for a better life. 

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19 Jul 2022 Allen

These recommended movies are meaningful

11 Jul 2022 Jerry

I like your ideas for the festival, wait till next time!

11 Jul 2022 Sara L

It’s a pity that I missed these ideas. I will keep an eye on the update for the next festival.

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