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VIVOHOME Heat Press Machine Buyers Guide

by Jia Luo 23 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Heat Press Machine is the perfect tool to express your favorite content into a specific object. Not just clothes like T-shirts, but also caps, mugs, and even mouse paddles. It is a convenient and efficient way compared to other forms of printers. And it is one of VIVOHOME's top products in the store.

This blog is for those heat press beginners. Whether you are a business buyer or a personal buyer I hope this article will help you out.

Does VIVOHOME have one of the Best Heat Press Machines?

The answer is an absolute yes. We have a product line, especially for the heat press machine. Commercial-grade press for professional use, handhold press for quick use, and mini-press suits everywhere. We are sure that you can find one machine that fits your need no matter who you are and what you do.
The classic and best-selling product of VIVOHOME Store. Very simple to use it. It has 360° rotation that provides a full range press directly and evenly, literally can press everywhere of the shirts. To monitor the temperature you can check the status on the LCD screen. And of course no need to worry about getting hurt by the heat, because it will auto shut down when the temperature reaches 200 degrees while the surface is only about 50-70 degrees.

When you needed more, there are up to 11 in 1 versions for you. Press anything you want. Always the right choice when you are indecisive.
This one heat press machine is much smaller. Having a heat press like this at home, which doesn't take much space to store, is very necessary. It's handy. Portable means convience. It presses quickly. Up to only 2 or 3 mins most to press a shirt. So it is a really great heat press machine for most people.
This thing is so cute. It's so little. Small enough to get into tiny spaces to press things on. The simpler way to make your DIY stuff. Great for applying heat transfer vinyl to small objects like hats shoes and onesies, and it has especially come in handy when adding embellishments to sublimated t-shirts. As a side job, its small size and carrying case make a perfect travel iron for touch-ups on clothing. Great for starters, definitely worth buying.
Above all is just a sharing of some recommendations and little tips. There is more VIVOHOME heat press machine for sure. Wish can help those who are still struggling make a choice about heat press.
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