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Great Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dad on 2022 Father's Day

by Billing Team 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

Great Indoor Activities to Do with Your Dad on 2022 Father's Day 

Have you decided how to spend this Father's Day? Here are some father's day games indoor ideas. If both you and your father like to stay at home, then the following ideas are marvelous for you to celebrate this special day. Doing the following activities together will be a good opportunity to cooperate with your dad, know each other better, and create a closer bond between you and your father.

No.1 Pottery- Making

Would you like to make pottery by yourself? You can choose the shape, the size, and the patterns to produce unique pottery which will be an amazing gift for your father. It will be more challenging if you two make it together.



Get one appropriate pottery wheel forming machine and prepare the materials needed.

We recommend you an electric DIY clay tool with a foot pedal and detachable basin. The foot pedal will help you adjust the rotation speed and the detachable basin will facilitate the cleaning procedure. Besides, a pottery machine LCD screen can make the operation easy and convenient for you.



Be reminded to get an air cooler. Since the weather is hot, it will be comfortable to have cool wind when operating the pottery forming machine. The best choice is an evaporative air coolethat decreases temperature through water evaporation, thus it is also a humidifier that is good for skin health.



NO.2 Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a popular game for family or friend gatherings. The game can make members get to know each other better and liven the gathering up. If you and your father lack daily communication, it’s a precious chance to pose some questions that you want to learn about.


Next, let me tell you a tip on how to add extra fun to this game, use a raffle ticket drum!

This item will give you an exciting ambiance since you never know what question or direction you will get and it’s fair for everyone who joins the activity.




NO.3 Card Games

Speaking of indoor activities, how can we miss the card games? It’s fun and easy to play. The most important is that it’s suitable for all ages, which means the grandpa and the kids can even play card games together! Here are several card games that are enjoyed by a variety of people.


UNO is popular and easy to learn.

DIXIT is suitable for those who have vivid imaginations and like expressing ideas.

Ticket To Ride is a kind of game that needs planning and strategies.

Exploding Kittens is a kind of card whose pictures are more than funny.

Monopoly is a classic game that is a blend of various elements of different games.

Halli Galli is challenging for the speed of response and movement.


What you need to prepare for the games is a set of cards and a table. If there is no appropriate table in your house, you can try this kind. A modern coffee table with storage, which is elegant and easy to clean or store items when using.



NO.4 Writing Letters 

Writing letters is a meaningful way to memorize this special day. When writing, you tend to express words that are deep in your heart. The letters can be collected and kept for many years. You can also take a picture and put the photo in the envelope. Then each year, you can read the words you write to your father with him and look back on what you are like at that time. What’s more, letters can be shared with other families, which will become a souvenir for the whole family.



That’s all for the recommended indoor activities. Hope this blog will help you and wish you and your father a memorable Father’s Day!

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19 Jul 2022 Vivian

The pottery machine is definitely a great gift

11 Jul 2022 Alisa

“a souvenir for the whole family”, that’s an excellent description for writing letters!

06 Jul 2022 Dorothy

Love the introduction to card games

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