Get a Projector Screen for Halloween in 2022

  • Sep 27, 2022
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Get a Projector Screen for Halloween in 2022

It’s nearly October, and the month of Halloween is coming! Do you have any plans for the festival? What about watching some movies on a huge and bright projector screen? We would like to share some tips on using a projector screen and recommend you some classic and touching movies! There are also practical suggestions on how to make this activity a fantastic experience, don’t miss them!

Tips on Using a Projector Screen

NO.1 How to store the inflatable projector screen? No matter what kind of projector screen you have, make sure that store the white screen and the black inflatable frame or other dark-color stuff separately to prevent the screen from being stained. If the screen is stained by other colors, it will be hard to remove.

NO.2 Remember to zip up the zipper before inflating to inflate quickly . Some people might be annoying when inflating the frame very slowly. The key is to zip up the zipper tightly, then you will get it ready soon.

NO.3 How to clean the dirt on the screen? Please do not wash it with water directly, use the wet rag with the corresponding detergent to clean the dirt off. To maintain the screen, make sure that your action is gentle.

NO.4 What kind of chair can be used with the screen? We recommend the VIVOHOME Reclining Stadium Seat Chair. It is with adjustable backrest and armrests, which is super comfortable and flexible. There are 6 different reclining degrees to adjust based on your need by pushing the seat past the forward-most position and then pushing it back for a flat position.

Movie Recommendations for Halloween

These two stories are super suitable for the whole family. Hotel Transylvania is about a Vampire father Dracula and daughter Mavis. Dracula tries many ways to prevent Mavis from leaving the hotel. He wants to protect her from any potential danger. However, Mavis is curious about the outside world and is keen on adventure, especially in the human world. There are many monsters in this movie which make it goes well with Halloween. And these monsters are not scary but cute. The most adorable scene is when Mavis transfer from a girl into a little bat. The whole story is about the growing process of a child and love. Have you heard about the song, Cause You’re My Zing? Find the meaning of Zing in this movie! There are other three sequels, if you like, you can enjoy a long long story.

The other movie is the CoCo. The story happened during the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertos, which has similarities with Halloween. Coco’s great grand son Miguel dreams of becoming a musician, however, his dream is abandoned by his family. That’s because Coco’s father left her and her mother for pursuing music dream and never returned, then music is banished from the life of this family. This is a journey of dreams, love, and memory. You will see many skeletons in this movie, they are dead people but they can return original home on that festival supported by someone in the real world who remembers them. After watching this movie, you may not be afraid of death and treat memory as a more precious treasure than before.

If your kids are very little, like 5, then these two movies can interest them. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Monsters, Inc. The story of Charlie Brown and his friend is close to children's lives in reality, so kids will going to love it. As for Monsters, Inc., it will be welcomed by those who are imaginative and love fluffy toys.

Suggestions for Watching Movies Outside

Talked about recommended movies, let’s see these suggestions on how to make watching movies with a projector screen outside a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If you have the following questions, refer to the answers to see if they can help.

NO.1 How to create a festival atmosphere? You can get various inflatable decoration toys or lights, for example, pumpkin lanterns, Halloween trees, ghosts, Halloween dinosaurs, etc. Besides, you can also set a fire pit near the seat, which will lead to an excellent ambiance.

NO.2 How can make the kids be comfortable when watching movies outside? Staying long outside may not be easy for kids, especially little ones. As a parent, you can prepare a comfortable chair, cushion, or something that they can comfortably sit or lie on. If there are still mosquitos, prepare some mosquito-repellent. If it’s cold at night, bring a blanket with the kids.

NO.3 How to add more fun to this activity? You can take a portable camping kitchen table for eating fresh food when watching movies. Fruits, barbecues, and drinks, will be all convenient to carry. Imagine the scene in that you eat delicious food while watching movies, how free and nice!



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