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Father's Day Party Ideas

by Shopify API 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments
2022 Father’s Day Party Ideas
Father’s Day is approaching! Do you have any plans to celebrate this special day for your loving dad? Maybe your dad will say he does not need anything on this day, but he will definitely be more than happy and surprised if you prepared something for him. What? You don’t have any plan and don’t know what to do? Then you have come to the right place because we have some awesome party ideas, particularly for Father’s Day.
1. Outdoor BBQ Party
So many fathers love the outdoors, right? So you can hold an outdoor barbecue party on Father’s Day. You can buy all the vegetables and meat your dad like and then invite people to your house. Arrange some activities, also, having a burger bar or a wine bar will be a nice choice. Since it’s a special day for dads, let the women take care of the grilling, and dads can play with kids or just relax and have beers. If you have a projector screen in your house, all the people can have a movie time after the barbecue. Wouldn’t that be so great?

Wait, you don’t have tools for barbecue? Check this VIVOHOME heavy-duty patio firepit. Made from a durable steel frame, which is powder-coated to resist rust, and durable for a long time using. The fire pit is portable and collapsible so you can easily carry it around. Besides barbecue, you can also get warm, cool beverages or do other things with this. The firepit will be the perfect choice for you if you are planning to have a barbecue party.
2. Bring the competition to your party
Almost everyone loves the feeling of winning the game more or less, especially dads. Therefore, you can plan some friendly competitive games for the party. During the game, everyone gets to join and have a great time, and the games also help to enhance the relationships. Playing game is definitely a good choice for a family to have bonding time. As for games, we have these recommendations for you.

- One-legged race. You won’t need any other things to play this game. So it will be one of the easiest and most convenient games to go.
- Giant Jenga. Jenga is a game that combines competitiveness and excitement together and Giant Jenga makes the game even more exciting!
- Scrimmage game of baseball, basketball, soccer, or whatever your dad is into.

The VIVOHOME baseball practice net is also a good item you can consider for the party activities. This hitting net is an ideal baseball training tool for batting practice, pitching, fielding, catching, and backstop use, no matter indoor or outdoor. You can not only use it in daily life to practice but also can use it at your party, easy for anyone to play. 
3. Fishing Party
If your dad loves fishing, then holding a Fishing Party for him will work a treat. You can prepare the party with all the decorations and food that are related to fishing. For example, you can have a lot of vintage tackle, nets, buoys, and bobber garlands. There also can be a dessert bar with the name “Bait Shop” and a beverage bar named “Tackle Shop”. Just thinking about it is exciting enough, isn't it?

These three party ideas are specially for dads and all of them are more tend to be outdoor activities. So when you are preparing, remember to check the weather ahead of time. But as long as you have your tent ready, you can hold your party outside even if there will be a brief rain. The VIVOHOME 210D Oxford Party Tent might be the one you need here. The high-domed waterproof roof provides plenty of headroom, perfect for providing shade or rain protection while you are having a party. It is easy to transport and set up/take down, so besides using it for a party, you can always bring it to the football field or camping for a comfortable place to enjoy your surroundings.

You still have some days left to prepare for Father’s Day. If you’re planning to have a party for the world’s best dad ever, it’s time to work on it. You may need some time to get everything ready, and if you need to purchase something, you must allow some time for the item to arrive. Express your love and shower your dad with gratitude on Father’s Day!

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07 Aug 2022 Mary

Great ideas, looking forward to other themes

03 Aug 2022 Joe

like fishing in summer, I think I need a tent like this

31 Jul 2022 Helen

The projector screen is so cool!

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