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  • Feb 27, 2020
  • By Trailblaze Media
Welcome to!
VIVOHOME is one of the top global indoor gardening and hydroponic manufacturers and suppliers. We offer over 200 products ranging from reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, lamps, filters, fans and more - everything you need to build complete indoor gardening and hydroponic systems.

We want to bring modern people closer to nature. Let the people who love advanced planting technology develop their hobbies smoothly, enjoy the fun of life, and share the tips of planting together.
Our Mission
It is our commitment to be the best indoor gardening + hydroponic store that you'll want to do business with again and again.
Our Promises
  • Deliver items to our customers with speed and precision.
  • Reply Customer's questions in 24-hour.
  • Ensure the highest quality possible.

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