Be Ready for the Coming After- school Life in 2022

  • Jul 27, 2022
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Be Ready for the Coming After- school Life in 2022

Summer holidays for kids are going to run out, are your kids anxious about the back-to-school date? Do you worry that it might be hard for them to restart class and they can’t quickly adjust to school life? Get prepared for it! As a parent, it’s super important to help children embrace the new campus life. Here we have listed three essential points you need to pay attention to when your kids are back from school.

Have a Good Rest and Considerate Chat

After they come from school, the first thing is to let them have a good rest. There are different ways for different kids. For example, some kids might want to grab something to eat so you need to prepare some fruit for them. Some may just want to do sports to relieve themselves since they have spent the most time sitting in the classroom, then get the exercise tools they like ready for them, such as balls, skipping ropes, hula hoop, etc.

After they have a good rest, try to have a considerate chat with them at a suitable time, for instance, ask them about what happened in school and how they feel about it when the families are at a table. You can know what they experienced and then give them a positive response. In such a way, the kids can feel your attention and love, you can also have a good understanding of the kid.

Besides the emotional connection, the chat can make you aware of if there are any bullying risks happening to your child timely. We all know that bullying is scary to little kids or teenagers, and it might happen in the classroom, on the playground, and on the way to going to school or back home. The bullying may be physical, verbal, or social, which would lead to injuries, hurt kids’ mental health or even damage their school life.

If your child is bullied, you need to contact school officials and work with them on solutions. At the same time, you need to comfort your kid, teach him or her how to respond, and ask for help. More support and protection are also needed for a special period. If your child is the bully, you need to educate your child that bullying is bad behavior. Let him or her think about how would the feeling be if he or she is treated in that way, and then find practical approaches to build up empathy and avoid being a bully anymore.

Develop Good Homework or Study Habits

Firstly, help your kid make a plan about their homework. It’s better to foster the habit of making plans at a young age. You can prepare an assignment notebook for him or her and supervise your kid to schedule time. For example, let your kid know what they need to do to accomplish the homework, and remind your kid not to spend too much time on other activities to leave ample time for doing homework.

The second is related to the environment. Try to build a quiet environment for your child to study. Find a suitable room or corner where the child won’t get distracted. It would be better if you can read books or write something besides the kid, which will create an atmosphere of thinking in a focused way.

The third concern reminding your kid to alleviate the fatigue of the eyes, neck, or back. The eyes fatigue is especially essential, according to the American Optometric Association, the 20/20/20 rule is a healthy way for the eyes: look away from the screen every 20 minutes, and focus on an object at least 20 feet away, for at least 20 seconds. Besides, an appropriate sitting position is also important for health, mind the way how your kid sits from the desk.

Fourthly, help your kid with the problems from the homework. If your kid is weak in a particular subject, you might need to contact the corresponding teacher and ask for some learning ways that can help your kid to improve.

Form an Appropriate Sleep Routine 

Getting enough sleep is critical for the growth of a child. If children had bad sleep for a long time, then they would not be energetic, feeling drowsy and weak from time to time. Then of course they can’t pay full attention to lessons or perform well in class. 

What parents can do for a child is to help them form a suitable sleep routine. You can let the child do something that will relax the mind first, for example, reading a picture book, writing a diary, or listening to some light music. Remember not to let them play video games or watch phones late at night. Electronic devices should be turned off to ensure that the child won’t get too excited and hard to fall asleep.

Then you can let your child have a bath and then prepare what they need for the next tomorrow. Under a good rest and preparation for the next morning, your child will have sweet sleep.



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