Amazing Toys for Kids in Vacation and After-school Life in 2022

  • Aug 10, 2022
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Amazing Toys for Kids in Vacation and After-school Life in 2022

Did your kids have a good time during summer vacation? As the holiday is going to end and school life will start again, time to buy some new toys for your kids to seize the vacation days and have good relaxation when coming back home from school. Here are three Amazing toys, let’s have a look!

Tongue Drum Set

The first one is for those who love to be quiet and dislike competitive games, who have interests in music, or who would like to experience an art atmosphere. This percussion instrument can produce a wide range of sounds based on 13 tones and a C key. Each lotus-petal-shaped tongue makes perfect resonance vibration, which will produce a nice sound.

For those little kids, this tongue drum can stimulate their musical talent. It’s super easy to make the drum produce a beautiful sound. Kids can directly play with their hands. It will make a pure sound in such a primitive way. There are also provided mallets and picks. Playing with mallets can achieve a penetrating sound that manifests the unique timbre of the tongue drum. While playing with finger picks will turn the sound softer and gentler. 

This drum set is not only for kids but also for adults who want to explore instruments no matter whether they have any musical experience or not. Even hitting the drum without rules can make it give wonderful sounds; Music score and musical scale stickers will help you quickly get started. Playing this drum is an awesome way to relieve anxiety and fatigue with the peaceful music flowing into your heart. It can be used to facilitate meditation to achieve deep relaxation, or as a family activity for entertainment. Just imagine that, you and your kid are playing a special drum together, how nice it is!

Basketball Arcade Game

The second one is for the kids who love doing sports. It can be used both indoors or outdoors (Be careful not to let it be in the rain or under the sun for too long, like, a whole day).

This game can not only bring a lot of fun for your kids but also help them boost fit and have a good exercise about coordination capacity of hands, eyes, and brain. There are 8 different games to choose from, including Beat the Time Clock, 3 Point Beat the Time Clock, Battle Back, Horse, Check Point, Around the World, Left and Right Shoot, and One to One, which sounds attractive! During playing, the intelligent LED scoring system will capture accurate scores. And the simulated arcade voice will create a real competitive atmosphere. Therefore, this toy will bring a fantastic game experience. 

Besides playing and exercising, it is beneficial to relationships when playing together. On the one hand, this game is suitable for parents to play with children. If you have no ideas about what to do with your kids, it is a great option to have a try. It will let the kids enjoy your company and create a closer bond between parents and kids. On the other hand, you can ask your kids to invite other friends to join the activity. Then the participants can be divided into two groups, which will make the game more exciting than just paying oneself. Through cooperating with group members, kids will also have a better understanding of teamwork spirit, which will foster their coordination skills. isn’t that awesome?

Lottery Spinning Drawing 

The last one is multiple functional. The lottery spinning drawing can be used differently. Firstly, you can use it to play games at a party or family gathering, for example, playing the Truth or Dare by drawing notes from it, which not only ensures a fair and random game but also adds more fun to the activity. You can make efforts to put some enlightening questions to get to know your family members better, which is a good chance to talk about their feelings and ideas with each other.

Besides, the raffle drum can also be used as a tool to make learning knowledge or practicing skills easier and more interesting than the traditional way. Let me set an instance, you can use it to practice reciting for your kids. Just write the poems or stories that the kids like to read on the notes and make some rules for a family game according to your kids’ hobbies and tastes. 

Like, successfully reciting a poem will get a reward from the parents, or taking competition to see who can recite the chosen poem better. These are all helpful to foster kids’ curiosity and confidence to face challenges. 

If your child is a fan of the spelling bee, it will be perfect to get the words hint, too. Did you get any inspiration? Come on and create your usage!



This blog is so timely, just need some recommendation.


Aug 14, 2022


I never know that a raffle drum could be used for education practice, amazing ideas


Aug 11, 2022


The drum set looks unique and special!


Aug 10, 2022

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