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All You Need to Know about Women’s Day 2023

by Safe As Milk 09 Jan 2024 13 Comments

All You Need to Know about Women’s Day 2023

Every year on March 8th, people all around the world celebrate International Women's Day to recognize the numerous accomplishments made by women. It serves as a moment for reflection and celebration for many women about the roles that women have played in advancing gender equality. Notwithstanding the advancements, there is still a long way to go, and each year's International Women's Day celebration serves as a reminder of this. We have an obligation to continue the work that many have done to improve the lives of countless others.

What is the story of Women’s Day?

Almost a century old, the history of International Women's Day is still expanding and changing today. The United States' unique Women's Day traditions date back to a little earlier than the rest of the world, which began its official observance in 1911. The inaugural National Woman's Day was marked in America on February 28th, 1908. This holiday was established by the American Socialist Party as a way to appreciate and celebrate the extraordinarily devoted women who toiled in the garment district of New York. The women were striking in protest of the horrible and frequently fatal working conditions. Later, the movement has been gathering strength after it was later designated International Women's Day by the United Nations in 1977.







What is the purpose of Women’s Day?


Women have a positive impact on society, culture, and history. We must value the contributions made by women all throughout the world. The purposes of International Women's Day are to raise awareness of the problems and injustices that impact women all over the world, honor women's accomplishments, and start discussing how to bring about change with equity and equality. We raise public awareness of women's history and deepen our knowledge of prejudice, discrimination, and injustice by marking International Women's Day. This awareness encourages people to take concrete actions that may result in societal transformation.






What you can do on Women's Day?

Of course, sending flowers or a nice gift basket especially created for women and delivered right to their door is a lovely and hassle-free way to honor the women in your life. As the International Women's Day emblem is purple and white, it would be best to send a variety of purple and white flowers. There are also other things you can do.

Watch a Movie


Create a small celebration for the significant ladies in your life. Using our Outdoor Movie Project Screen, you may host a movie night to see films directed by women or documentaries about global women's issues. Invite your guests to bring a few special women with them. Set aside some time for discussion and storytelling so that everyone can share their aspirations and experiences.






Have a Casual Picnic


Give a few women in your life who have influenced you a call or text. Invite them over for a leisurely picnic whether they are a teacher, a friend, or perhaps an old classmate you haven't seen in a while. Sitting around in our Portable Cushion Chair, sip tea and talk about conversation topics you've come across through reading articles or empowering quotes in women-centric journals, websites.






Care the Health of Women


Due to a variety of factors, including hectic schedules, ignorance of the issue, or social shame, many women have a tendency to put their health last. Physical examination is important, but the usual exercise is also indispensable. If your friend or someone is trying to get a workout and loves dancing, then this Portable Dance Pole will be an ideal choice, which is suitable for physical exercise or dancing at home, the gym, club, and more.







Women demand more than just materialistic presents. They should continually be praised and honored for their work. Let's promise to close the gap this Women's Day.






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