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A Shopping Guide for 2022 Summer

by Thimatic 09 Jan 2024 4 Comments

A Shopping Guide for 2022 Summer

Have you decided what to do this summer? And do you know any great goods to buy? If you have no ideas, read this article and get inspired! We have prepared four categories for you to consider, including appliances at home, decoration in the garden, choices for sports, and toys for kids to play with. You will harvest a detailed introduction and practical advice. Let's get started!

Essential Appliances at Home

As global warming get worse, it's hotter in summer than before. So the first essential appliance is an air cooler. We highly recommend this evaporative air cooler which decreases temperature through water evaporation. Thus it is not only a fan to cool you down, but also a humidifier that is good for skin health. You can even add the ice bottle into the water tank and get an awesome and cooler experience!









What do you usually drink or eat in summer? Cold drink and ice creams! So ice maker, ice shaver, and ice cream maker  are what you need to have. They can be used to make cool and delicious drinks and food for you to relish a fantastic summer. Among the variety of ice makers, there are two multi-functional models. One is an ice cube maker with a water dispenser, besides making ice, it can also provide cold water. The other is an automatic ice maker and shaver, which means you can make and shave ice just with this one machine!


What's more, we suggest you buy an ice maker that is with a see-through window on top of it. It will help to check the ice level, and you can also witness the whole process of how the water becomes ice, which might be fun for a person who is curious about it!

An Attractive Addition in the Garden

In summer, plants are flourishing so people are busy caring for them in the garden. Do you want to add any decoration to your garden? An antique outdoor bird bath is an attractive addition that will create a romantic ambiance. When the bird bath attracts little birds to be a guest in your garden, it will be a surprise, how fun it goes!


Look at this bird bath, it imitates the European royal style with a bronzed patina that makes it looks unique. The design that a bird staying in the pavilion is so vivid that it will impress viewers with its exquisite appearance. This bird bath will show the good taste of the owner.


If you use the bird bath with a fountain, it will be more fascinating and beneficial to keep the water clean. Come and get an elegant bird bath for your garden!


Several Choices for Sports 


Summer is a vibrant season, it is a pity if you don't exercise. Today let's introduce a sport that is suitable for the whole family, pickleball! If you buy a pickleball net, you can apply it to other ballgames, too, such as badminton, tennis, and modified volleyball. In addition to the multiple application, it is also can be used in different scenes, for example, the swimming pool and the beach.


You might be wondering, are there any sports for adults that can be done indoors? Yes, of course, you can buy a stand bicycle riding exercise machine if you are afraid of high temperatures and want to do sports at home. Plus, a folding adjustable workout weight bench set and a height-adjustable multiple functional exercise equipment are both good options. They are user-friendly and convenient to use. With them, you can exercise the specific place of your body to have a self-satisfactory figure.


Great Items for Kids to Play
Speaking of summer activities, how can we ignore children's love in summer, the swing? Sit on the saucer, feel the breeze blowing to their faces and enjoy the feeling of flying, what a cool and relaxing way to spend the summer! If there is no proper place to hang a saucer in your home, a swing stand will solve the problem! It can be used both outdoors and indoors, which means it can be used when the weather is awful. Perfect gift for kids!
Besides the swing, the kids' trampoline is also welcomed by kids. They can jump as they like to liberate their energy freely. Basketball Arcade Game is another option, it helps foster coordination.


Here comes an art toy, a tongue drum set. It is based on 13 tones and a C key and can produce a wider range of sounds. There are three ways to play, with drum mallets, finger cots, or hands, which is super appropriate for kids to appreciate the fun of music.


Last but not least, look at this inflatable rainbow sprinkler! It's attractive with the colorful look and practical for the sprinkler function. Get one inflatable rainbow sprinkler and prepare an air pump for it, then you will let your kid have a happy time! 

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31 Jul 2022 Leaf

Wonderful introduction, wanna get a wing for my little girl

17 Jul 2022 Ivy

Useful guide~

15 Jul 2022 Grace

The air cooler is just what I need

14 Jul 2022 Martin

Good idea, the rainbow sprinkler is amazing!

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