2022 You Can't Miss This Ice Machine With Water Dispenser

  • Apr 28, 2022
  • By Frank Law

2022 You Can't Miss This Ice Machine With Water Dispenser

    An ice maker is a necessary home appliance for almost every family. You can add ice to your drinks, make all kinds of cocktails and cold dishes with ice, and ice is also something that you cannot forget when you are having a party for sure. If you are looking for a new ice maker and don’t know what to buy, this blog may help you with the problem.

    There are so many kinds of ice cube makers in the market such as modular ice machines, stackable ice machines, undercounter ice machines, countertop ice machines, portable ice machines, and so on. It may make it so hard to choose the one that is right for you, but you got to believe that there must be one kind of ice machine that can meet your expectation.


VIVOHOME 2 In 1 Countertop Ice Cube Maker With Water Dispenser


    If you are looking for an ice machine for home use, you can consider countertop ice machines and portable ice machines first. And if you tend to have a rather compact ice maker to save space and make efficient use of space at home, the VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Cube Maker with Water Dispenser might be the right one for you.

    First of all, this VIVOHOME ice machine has more than one function with its 2-in-1 design. You can not only make ice cubes with this machine with it but can also use it as a water dispenser. That is to say, once you own this compact machine, you own an ice machine and a water dispenser at the same time. And the compact and lightweight structure will be suitable for any place in your house and you can also find it very easy to carry around. Therefore, if you have a comparatively small kitchen or dont want to spend much room on these appliances, this VIVOHOME ice cube maker will be the best choice for you, saving space and money!

    Secondly, as compact as it is, the ice cube maker has a large capacity and delivers an excellent performance. The multifunctional ice maker can make 48 lbs. ice cubes per day and it can make ice fast in 6 to 12 minutes at one time, which can meet the daily requirements of various occasions. Nevertheless, the machine also provides 3 different sizes of ice cubes for you to choose from. You can choose small, medium, or large sizes depending on your needs. Also, the considerate design of this ice cube maker will never let you down. The machine has the lowest noise level of 38dB which will not distract you from your work or study, and it will stop automatically when there is no water left.

    Last but not least, it can work as a water dispenser. With a faucet on the side of the machine, all you need to have a glass of cold water is to put the faucet out. And you can conceal the faucet when you are not using it, making it more hygienic. The sizes of the compatible bottled water include 2, 3, 4, and 5 gallons.

    So what are you waiting for? If you still do not know which ice machine to buy, choose the VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Cube Maker with Water Dispenser!



3 different sizes of ice cubes, it’s great!

By Andy

Aug 14, 2022


Love the dispenser

By July

Aug 10, 2022


It looks so functional!

By Nick

Aug 08, 2022

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