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2024 Why we choose VIVOHOME Stand Mixer?

by Jia Luo 11 Sep 2023 1 comment

    Select the best stand mixer to add a stylish new touch to your kitchen countertops and power through even multi-tiered cakes and large loaves of bread.

    One of the best hobbies to pick up is baking. Now, in addition to providing a mindful way to while away a few hours, the end result is always delectable. However, if you intend to bake by hand, it can be time-consuming and hard on the hands. A quality stand mixer will eliminate the challenging aspects of homemade baking, leaving you to enjoy redecorating and tasting the results.

    The VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is our top pick because it boasts a five-quart mixing bowl that can hold enough cake batter to quickly produce at least layers of a cake. When we put it to the test, it wowed us not just with its wonderful, colorful finishes but also with its assortment of tools for whisking eggs, incorporating flour, and kneading bread dough. When choosing your mixer, consider pairing it with one of the top blenders to match the brand and color of your other home furnishings.

    The VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is a product we attempted and adored. It needs no introduction. Although it comes with a stainless steel bowl, you may add extras to make your mixer more unique to you.

Why do we love it?

    This classic stand mixer is a true workhorse in addition to being a statement piece in any kitchen. There are six speed levels, and the lean-head makes it simple to add materials and remove attachments.

    All the accessories you'll need for the majority of your baking projects are included with this VIVOHOME stand mixer. This comprises of a dough hook for working bread dough, a flat beater for blending cake batter, and a wire whisk for beating eggs. 

    Utilizing the flat beater that comes with the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer really pleased us. Before we added our eggs and flour to produce clean loaf cakes, it creamed our sugar and butter together with little assistance. On larger loaves, the dough hook needed a bit more care, but it's fine for your brioche or sourdough. 

Things you should be aware of

    The USA-made VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is an incredibly high-quality appliance for the money. The five-quart capacity may seem a little underwhelming for the most critical cakes you would want to bake, but for the majority of home bakers, it is a top choice.

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1 comment

09 Jan 2024 Daniel Garrett
Hello I read a article telling me vivohome makes a decent blender for the price although I wasn’t looking at prices at first ,I was researching were I could buy a American made mixer and this article came up ! So I purchased the candied apple red mixer for my wife because she wanted a kitchen aide mixer but thought they were way to overpriced so I surprised her with this one and right on the box it says made in China! I don’t have anything against the Chinese people but I would rather purchase American made products to support the American economy and the american worker ! China uses slave labor and thier human rights policies are dreaded to say the least and last but certainly not least THEY ARE COMMUNIST and i could go on with 100 other reasons the point is i read from a article on this site that vevohome was made here in the USA and i would not have bought if i knew it was .ade in china


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