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2022 Tips on using and maintaining an ice crusher

by Thimatic 13 May 2022 3 Comments


2022 Tips on using and maintaining an ice crusher



  On hot summer days, cold drinks with ice are so tempting that they can easily make people cool off while enjoying tasty drinks. For those who are lovers of cold drinks, an ice crusher is an essential household appliance in summer. In this connection, how to maintain the ice crushers becomes an important task in the light of frequent operation during just one season. Here are instructions for the using process and maintenance of an ice crusher.




Have a good check before use



1. Pay attention to the place where you put the ice crusher. It should be put on a firm countertop that can bear its weight. Besides, the height of the countertop needs to be appropriate for operating the machine.


2. Check the power supply. For instance, check if the voltage is stable and meets the electrical requirements of the machine; if the ground wire is reliable.


3. Have a check if there is any dust or other stuff inside the machine. Clear the ice barrel and clean the surface thoroughly.


  These checks will ensure the ice crusher machine can work safely and won’t be accidentally damaged during use.




ice crusher features




Tips while operating the ice crusher



 1. Remember to take the safety cover apart when adjusting the position of the blade


The condition of the crushed ice can be changed by adjusting the position of the blade until the output is ideal for your needs. Be careful with the safety cover to prevent any hurt caused by it when adjusting the blade.


 2. Mind your force when pressing the handle to crush the ice.


Press the handle after the motor is working. Don’t use too much force when pressing the handle, which might cause the block of the motor or even a short circuit. Never use your hands directly to press the ice cubes, either. When the ice barrel is empty, lift the handle as soon as possible.


 3. Make sure the crushed ice gushes out smoothly from the ice barrel.


 When the outlet is blocked, the blade may can’t move even the motor might be damaged. If you find the blade can’t rotate or shave the ice cubes, you should lift the handle immediately, turn off the machine and take the plug off. Reset the ice shaver only after unblocking the outlet of the crushed ice.




ice crusher detail




Cleaning after using the machine




 1. Shut off the electric power first then clean the machine after using it every time.


Before cleaning the ice shaver machine, be sure that you have turned off it and taken off the plug, too. If the power supply is still on, there will be a potential danger because the machine and your hands might both be wet and it is easy to get a shock.


 2. Use a dry towel to wipe the machine without water or detergent.  

Remember not to rinse the machine with water directly, use a dry towel to wipe the water on the surface away. Besides, don’t use detergent to clean the machine, which may dampen electronic devices inside the machine and lead to a breakdown.


 3. Put the machine in somewhere that is dry and shady.


 After cleaning the ice crusher, put it in where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight or be dampened. Lift the handle to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear to the blades. What’s more, be warned that never drop any hard or sharp stuff into the ice barrel which is also called the hopper. That may break the blades or other tiny parts inside the machine.



  That’s all points for what you need to take heed of. Excellent maintenance and cleaning can not only improve the efficiency of the machine but also extend its life span. Wish you have a good time using your ice crusher!


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24 Jul 2022 Nancy

Helpful, it’s so detailed!

18 Jul 2022 Peter

After reading this, I know how to maintain my ice crusher

15 Jul 2022 Hellen

Thank you for providing so clear advice

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