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2022 Tips for how to use a car wheel dolly

by Frank Law 28 Apr 2022 0 Comments

2022 Tips for how to use a car wheel dolly


    For car owners, a car wheel dolly can be a valuable asset. Maybe due to a long-distance trip, you need to transport a second vehicle and you want to do the whole trailer yourself. Or you simply want to examine your car and see if the tires need to be changed. But there’s one issue you need to address: Do you know how to use a car wheel dolly?


    There are many reasons why you might need a tire dolly: transportation, moving, taking your car along on a trip, repairing, etc. Whatever the reason is, you'll need to do some research on how to properly use your wheel dolly. A few easy-to-follow tips will make it easy for you to complete your project in a safe and time-saving manner.


Select the right one

    A tow dolly gives you an efficient way to move your car while allowing your car to get some of the load off the towing vehicle. When towing, the rear wheels of the car are on the ground. This technique is more efficient when traction is front-wheel drive. With 4WD or RWD, you have to disconnect the driveshaft to travel long distances. Before securing the car, make sure not to exceed the towing capacity.

Connect the vehicle dolly

    Start by attaching the dolly to the hitch ball on the trailer. Install the coupling properly on the tow ball and tighten the coupling until the connection is secure. You can move the tractor slightly to see if the coupler is securely fastened. The next step is to attach the safety chain on the dolly to the tractor. The safety chain keeps the dolly connected to the tow vehicle even if the coupler is disengaged from the hitch. If you're going on a long trip, be sure to check the connection several times.

Loading the Vehicle

    Once the dolly is properly attached, it's time to drive your car forward onto the trailer ramp. First, make sure the tractor and dolly ramps are on level ground and perfectly aligned. The entire width of your car should fit on the ramp. When loading, be sure to check for all clearances, such as air dams and spoilers. Don't forget to secure your car after the loading process. The two front tires must rest firmly on the wheel chocks. Tire straps can be used to secure both front wheels. Do not put any straps around the fuel lines or engine parts to avoid damaging the vehicle. Make sure the vehicle's parking brake is released before towing the vehicle.


Safe driving strategies

    Towing cargo always presents unique challenges, especially when the tow cargo is an item as valuable and important as your car. When driving with a car dolly, allow a significantly longer parking time than usual, and keep at least four seconds of parking time distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Try to maintain a steady speed below the speed limit. Drive in the center lane to account for the wider dimensions of the dolly. Avoid maneuvering in close spaces — fill the trailer's fuel tank beforehand and only use a dolly to maneuver between destinations.

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