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2022 Things You Need to Know Before Buying A Water Distiller

by Frank Law 14 Apr 2022 3 Comments

2022 Things You Need to Know Before Buying A Water Distiller


vivohome Water Distiller


What is a water distiller and how does it work?


    A water distiller is a machine that can produce contaminant-free water by removing the impurities like bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, microorganisms, and sediment. During the distilling process, water will be converted into vapers and since the impurities are not able to turn into steam, these contaminants will be left in the boiling chamber.

    So basically, the water distilling process will go through the following process:

    Firstly, after water is added to the boiling chamber, the water distiller machine will start to boil the water when you plug the machine into a power source, heating up to the waters boiling point and evaporating it into steam.

    Secondly, the steam will rise into the cooling system, then it will return to a liquid state and drips into a clean container after condensing and cooling.

    Thirdly, most of the contaminants, such as heavy metals and microorganisms will be left behind, because the boiling point of these contaminants is different from water. That is to say, when water is heated and transported to a clean container, the contaminants will remain in the boiling chamber and will be cleared away after the whole distilling process.

 vivohome water distiller


What is the benifits of using a water distiller?


  1. 100% Pure Water

    The main benefit of having a water distiller is that it provides you with pure water. Since distilled water is the cleanest water possible, you do not need to worry about your drinking water having harmful contaminants in it anymore. Compared to a water filter, which may affect the quality of filtered water due to some factors, a distiller gives a much more stable performance.


  1. Easy to Use

    The majority of the home water distillers are very convenient to use. For starters, you do not need to install it by yourself since they are pre-installed before the shipment. All you need to do is to plug in the power cord, fill the kettle and switch it on.


  1. Portability

    Though countertop water distillers are not really lightweight and small, but they are relatively compact enough to be moved around. Some of the countertop water distiller also comes with a portable top handle for you to easily move it around.

 vivohome water distiller


What do you need to consider when choosing a water distiller?


  1. Material

    The first thing you need to consider when you want to buy a water distiller will be the type of material used to make the distiller. The water distiller heats water to the boiling point, which is 212°F. Therefore, you need to check if the water distiller you are buying has a chamber made from food-grade stainless steel. This is to ensure the distiller produces pure water and to avoid producing contaminants due to the possible leaching of chemicals into the water during the heating process. As for plastic or aluminum, though they might be cheaper, using this kind of material may affect the quality of water or even taste because plastic and aluminum tend to result in more contaminants compared to stainless steel.


  1. Filteration

    Water distillers with activated carbon post filters are a better choice than those doesnt. Because there might be some volatile organic compounds, such as chlorine and VOCs, end up with the distillate because of their low boiling point. Therefore, having a carbon filter can help to remove these volatile chemicals and ensure high-quality purified water. Also, it can help reduce any residual taste or odor that may be created during the distillation process.


  1. Flow rate

    We use flow rate to describe how many hours a water distiller takes to produce a gallon. One thing you need to keep in mind is that distillation is a really slow process. Generally speaking, an average water distiller can produce 4-6 gallons of water per day. Therefore, before you choose a water distiller, you may need to confirm your demand according to the size of your family. For a family of 4, it is preferable to use a distiller with a flow rate of at least 1 gallon per 6 hours.


Having a water distiller at home will surely ensure you have the most clean and pure water when you need it. As a reminder, if you want to use a distiller for a long time, necessary maintenance is unavoidable. So it is suggested to clean your distiller regularly.

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09 Aug 2022 Angelina

Charcols can remove these volatile chemicals and reduce any residual taste or odor, got it.

07 Aug 2022 Faya

Distillation is a really slow but deserved process

04 Aug 2022 Francis

100% Pure Water, seems very healthy!

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