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2022 Things You Need to Know about Motorcycle Jack - VIVOHOME

by Frank Law 25 Apr 2022 3 Comments

Things You Need to Know about Motorcycle Jack 

    If you have a motorcycle, then you may have encountered or may encounter in the future, a situation where the tires on your motorcycle need to be repaired. When youre repairing the tire, you need to have a right equipment to do it, because it is actually quite dangerous to work to do. You could easily damage your motorcycle if you are using the wrong jack. Whats worse, you may get injured. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right motorcycle jack.

    When you are choosing a motorcycle jack, there are two basic types of jacks for you to consider--scissor jack and hydraulic jack. If you do not know which to choose, please keep reading. In this blog, we will be talking about the differences between a scissor jack and a hydraulic jack, including their advantages and disadvantages.





Scissor Jacks

    From its name, we can imagine that it forms a shape like a scissor, but scissor jacks are also known as screw jacks because they operate with the help of a lead screw. Being connected in a diamond shape, the diagonal design of scissor jacks makes them more durable and stable. There is a flat surface at the top of the diamond construction, where you can place your motorcycle on. When you are using a scissor jack to repair the tire of your motorcycle, using a spanner to turn the screw will make it easier to raise or lower the jack.

    There are several advantages of using scissor jacks. One of the most obvious benefits is that a scissor jack is its portability. It is compact, lightweight, and has a small footprint, which means you can easily store it in your car and take it out to repair your tire whenever you want. Secondly, it is pretty easy to use. Its simple design makes it easy to use, no matter how old you are or whether you have used it before. Thirdly, the price of a scissor jack is quite affordable and you can easily find this kind of jack anywhere for an affordable price.

    While scissor jacks have some advantages, they still have some disadvantages. First of all, it cannot lift too much weight. If you want to lift a motorcycle, a scissor jack will do the job perfectly. But if you want to lift a heavy vehicle, this might not be a good choice. Secondly, it cannot lift as high as other models, and it is comparatively slow to use a scissor jack to lift your vehicle to a meaningful height. Also, some people are arguing that scissor jacks are not as hydraulic jacks. But actually, the stability depends on its design and brand.



Hydraulic Jacks

    Hydraulic jacks include a set of two cylinders, a small one and a large one. One of them is for pushing while one of them is for the transfer. When the smaller one is pushed and creates a force that is transferred via the hydraulic liquid to the other one, you can get an incredibly powerful force that can lift your automobiles.

    Compared to a scissor jack, the biggest advantage of a hydraulic jack is the power. A hydraulic jack tends to have higher capacities and you can use it to lift heavier vehicles. And using a hydraulic jack to lift your automobile is much more faster than using a scissor jack. You can lift your motorcycle to maximum height with just a few pumps, which would not take you much time. Also, hydraulic jacks are usually equipped with casters that make it easier for you to roll them around the ground. Lastly, it is designed for multiple uses other than just to repair a tire. So when you are using a hydraulic jack, you will be using it more often and longer than using a scissor jack. That is to say, hydraulic jacks are more durable than scissor jacks and have a longer service life.

    It seems that hydraulic jacks are sturdy and efficient enough, still, they have their drawbacks. Usually, a hydraulic jack is larger and also heavier, compared to a scissor jack. So it might be not that convenient for you to carry a hydraulic jack around. And since they have hydraulic fluid, sometimes you cannot avoid them from leaking and require more maintenance than scissor jacks. What’s more, if the hydraulic force seizes for some reason, the device will stop working. It does not happen usually, but there is still the possibility.


    So there might be no jack that is perfect and has no drawbacks, but you can still find a proper jack for you according to your needs. Hope this blog can help you to find the right jack.

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14 Aug 2022 Jack

These jacks looks sturdy.

10 Aug 2022 Candy

Thanks for letting me know about Hydraulic Jacks!

09 Aug 2022 Andy

Professional introdcution

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