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2022 Things You Need to Know about an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

by Frank Law 25 Apr 2022 3 Comments

Things You Need to Know about an Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


   Have you heard about the 1979 kneeling chair? And do you know why it has been popular? Nowadays, more and more people spend a lot of time sitting on chairs. For example, office time, dining time, reading books, or watching videos. However, pain in the back and neck comes along with the long-time sitting posture. If you can’t avoid sitting for many tasks, then a comfortable and suitable chair is essential to you. So here comes a good option, the kneeling chair.


    What is a kneeling chair? A kneeling chair is a new type of chair invented by Hans Christian Mengshoel in 1979. The principle of the chair is to divide the burden of one’s weight to the lower part of the body.


    Here is how to use a kneeling chair. When you sit on it, your thighs will drop to an angle of about 60° to 70° from vertical, which is different from the 90°when sitting in a normal chair. Therefore, the body's weight is shared by the shins and buttocks, not only supported by the spine compared to normal chairs.


Ergonomic kneeling chair


    Now you may be curious, What are the benefits of a kneeling chair? In which aspect will it help?


  1. It can confine the movements of your legs and prevent any harmful postures caused by them. For instance, when you cross one of your legs over the other, actually you are bending your lumbar spine. If you often position your legs like this, it will strain the muscles of your waist. In the long term, the gesture definitely will harm your body. By using a kneeling chair, you will be assisted to put your legs appropriately.


  1. It will help you to form a good habit of keeping your body straight when sitting. In the meantime, it’s also helpful for maintaining a proper distance from the books or screens of electronic devices when you are sitting to read or watch. In daily life, we easily slouch for relaxation particularly when sitting. This posture not only damages the beauty of body shape; but also leads a close distance from the books or screen which is quite bad for our eyes. With an ergonomic kneeling chair, your center of gravity will automatically move forward. In this condition, you have to straighten your spine to meet the balance and keep your chest up.


  1. It can provide you with a personalized user experience. The adjustable kneeling chair can be adjusted in both height and knee position, which means you can change the form of the kneeling chair until finding the most comfortable angle and position for yourself. This function can satisfy specific needs for sitting.


    Last but not least, remember this considerate tip. No matter what kind of chair you use, please do not sit on a chair for an excessively long time, which is not recommended for the sake of health. The doctor suggests that adults should stand up from a chair every forty-five minutes or one hour to take exercise. 

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26 Jul 2022 Nancy
I often cross one of my legs over the other, this chair can help me get rid of the bad habit.
25 Jul 2022 Vicky

I think it suits me, will have a try

17 Jul 2022 Candy

What a comprehensive introduction!

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