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2022 Things you can do with this 2-in-1 Ice Maker and Shaver

by Frank Law 28 Apr 2022 3 Comments

2022 Things you can do with this 2-in-1 Ice Maker and Shaver


    As summer comes, people tend to have cool food on hot days, so ice maker and shaver will become an excellent complement to daily life. Not only can they make delicious cold drinks; but also be helpful for other uses. Today let’s have a look at what you can do with a VIVOHOME 2-in-1 countertop ice maker and shaver.  

  1. Cold milkshake or other drinks

    During Summer, you may put drinks in the fridge to cool them down, however, they may get hot very soon because of the high temperature outside the fridge. If you are a fan of cold drinks, then ice cubes will be your saver! Just use the ice maker to automatically produce ice cubes, and put them in your drinks. You will harvest cold drinks that can maintain the cool taste for a long time! There are plenty of drinks suitable for adding ice cubes and taste better, for example, milkshake, cola, cocktails, fruit juice, etc. You can even mix different fruit juice for a special drink, isn’t that fun?

  1. Smoothies

    Smoothie is a type of healthy food which is especially popular among the ones who are on a diet. With a 2-in-1 ice maker and shaver on the countertop, your smoothies will become more savory than before while still wholesome. Choose the function of shaved ice, you will get a slushy smoothie instantly through the electric ice shaver. Compared to the ice cream, there is not much sugar in the smoothie, just vegetables, fruit, and yogurt. So you can enjoy a refreshing taste without worrying about the consumption of sugar. What such nutritious and delicious food it is!







  1. Ice compress

    Except for the use introduced above in food. Ice makers can also be helpful in emergencies such as toothache, wrench, or any swelling part of the body. After adding water, this ice maker can make 18 cubes every 11 minutes so that you will acquire ice cubes in time. Wrap the ice cubes with a bag or a towel, then place them on the part that you need. The pain will be alleviated as soon as the ice cubes touch the corresponding position. Besides, if you are sunburned in summer, applying some ice cubes can be effective for the recovery of the skin.


  1. Keep food fresh

    Picnic is a wonderful experience with families and friends. When going outdoors for a long time, how to keep food fresh is a serious task, especially for those lovers of barbecue. With a 2-in-1 countertop ice maker and shaver in your kitchen, keeping food fresh will not bother you. What you need to do is to put some ice cubes or slushy ice around the foods that will be taken outside. They will be at a low temperature created by the ice and stay fresh.


    In a nutshell, this 2-in-1 portable compact countertop ice maker and shaver will bring great convenience and user experience to you. Come and have a try to find various exciting applications yourself!

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31 Jul 2022 Eliza

Awesome article

26 Jul 2022 Francis

Really need on in hot summer

24 Jul 2022 Ivy

Wow, so many ways to use ice maker and crusher!

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