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2022 The Best Stand Mixer Choice

by Frank Law 20 Apr 2022 0 Comments

   2022 The Best Stand Mixer Choice


    In the past, we have addressed the all-crucial query of what to do with a stand mixer. but because I am requested for precise stand mixer guidelines on a close to-every day foundation, I’d like to dig into the why behind my non-public favorite, the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer.

    Please endure in mind that this is a completely non-public answer, and one I'm offering in response to the frequency with which I'm asked this query. The personal nature of my answer method that I might get a little ranty in locations, however I'm hoping you'll forgive me. A stand mixer is an essential part of my job, something I take advantage of for my paintings each day, so even small annoyances with some fashions are enough for me to hurl them inside the trash. There are quirks or flaws I won't thoughts if I used it handiest once in a while for an interest, so no longer all of my needs can be as relevant to you. And so, even as this isn't always a proper evaluation, nor even sensible recommendation for the very casual baker, it’s my attitude, primarily based on years of baking, both in professional environments and at home.


VIVOHOME Stand Mixer


    In quick, the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is my OTP due to its strength, capacity, all-metallic production, and design—mainly that of its bowl and glued head.

    The VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is the best stand mixer I have observed to have a huge, traditionally fashioned bowl that's not too deep and that’s loose from the foot that defines different VIVOHOME Stand Mixer as well as different manufacturers.

    If the word "foot" is throwing you off, think of how different vivohome stand mixer bowls are fashioned, like a deep and slender "U" ending in a touch pedestal that twists into the bottom of the gadget—that's the foot, and it's a deal-breaker for me.

    I find this deep-but-narrow bowl style difficult to successfully scrape while it is connected to the mixer, especially along the lowest. The undertaking of scraping is simplest made more obnoxious to me through the lean-head design shoving the whisk or paddle attachment in my face. it's almost impossible to scrape the bowl without banging my hand (or the deal with of my spatula) into the attachment, resulting in a smear of butter or cream or meringue that only annoys me greater.

    The foot additionally makes the bowl unbalanced, and coupled with its deep and narrow design, which could make many off-mixer responsibilities unnecessarily awkward, a difficult set of barriers for beginners to navigate when, say, trying to fold flour into a delicate batter. I've watched many bakers struggle trying to maintain a footed bowl steady, at the same time as scraping and folding into its depths, only to land up with a as an alternative streaky, semi-deflated batters. The whole time I'm biting my tongue, wondering how an awful lot less complicated they'd have it running with a wider, greater historically shaped bowl.

    The damnable foot additionally makes this fashion of bowl flawed for water baths, because the foot slows the process of warmth transfer to a crawl and then keeps that warmth for eons at the mixer (often to the point of heating the mixer itself to a worrisome degree). this means a few bakers may also locate their Swiss meringue in no way cools enough to safely add the butter, resulting in a frosting soup.

    This intricate layout necessitates the usage of a 2nd bowl for any recipe that requires a water bathtub, and I refuse to pay loads of dollars for a gadget with a bowl that cannot be used on its own for this kind of not unusual pastry chore. even if dirtying a secondary bowl to heat something up or with recipes concerning an exchange warmth supply (just like the boiling syrup in an Italian meringue buttercream), footed bowls nonetheless preserve warmness like no different, stalling the cooling technique crucial to such a lot of recipes, from nougat, divinity, marshmallows, and similar mixtures (which include my tiramisu and no-churn ice cream).

    Which brings me to my love for the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer and its simplified layout. Due to its width and extra conventional mixing-bowl shape, I find the bowl easy to use. decrease the bowl and give it a brief scrape (the bowl cranks up and down, instead of the upwards tilting motor head housing on other stand mixer models); it's wide sufficient you may not bonk into the attachment. Plus, its length and width make it easy to add components, moist or dry, while not having to fumble round with a pouring protect.

    Thanks to its huge, foot-loose, chrome steel production, the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer is perfect to be used over a water tub, assisting whatever's inner heat quickly and efficaciously.

    Without that foot, the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer bowl sheds warmness speedy when moved from a water bath back to the mixer, so matters cool in brief order, whether Swiss meringue, French buttercream, marshmallows, or anything else.

    Due to its huge, foot-unfastened, stainless-steel production, the VIVOHOME Stand Mixer bowl also can be tossed over an open flame, so if a recipe begins out with melted butter, there's no need to dirty a 2nd bowl or skillet to soften it. Likewise, if a buttercream seems too stiff and funky, I can pop it without delay on the stove for a second or two to heat the frosting from the lowest after which re-whip to get the entire batch right into a soft and creamy kingdom.

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