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2022 How to Clean a Bird Bath

by Frank Law 12 May 2022 3 Comments

2022 How to Clean a Bird Bath


    Do you have a bird bath in your garden? Do you know how to do a bird bath cleaning? It’s pleasing both to the eyes and mind to watch lovely birds enjoying drinking water or shaking their drenched feathers. Besides, listening to birds’ singing is also a nice and relaxing experience. However, if the bird bath is dirty, birds may not be willing to come close or relish using the bird bath. Here are some instructions for you on how to clean a bird bath and maintain it. Hope they will help you!


Three steps to clean a bird bath thoroughly


  1. Pour the original water away.

    If the water is used for a long time, there will be a lot of accumulated dust in the bath, which is not good for birds’ health. Even green algae might appear if the water is not poured away timely.


  1. Use a brush to scrub the bath.

    A small brush is suitable for cleaning a bird bath. It can brush the bath thoroughly without harming the surface of the bowl. Generally, using a brush with clean water is enough. Detergent can be used when there is dirt that is difficult to be removed, for example, the droppings.


  1. Rinse the bath and fill it with fresh water

    It would be preferred to use a hose connected to a tap to rinse the bath, especially when you have used detergent when brushing. The bath will be spotless after rinsing. Then you can fill it with fresh and clean water and let birds enjoy it again!






Tips for cleaning when there are green algae


  1. Remove the green algae as soon as possible when you find there are green algae in the bird bath. Remember it, the green algae will spread fast if not removed in time. Therefore, we need to nip them in the bud for a tidy condition.


  1. Use biodegradable detergent if the volume of your bird bath is more than large and the green algae are excessive. It is accessible to buy biodegradable detergent at a local gardening shop or online.


  1. Ferment can also be used to curb the growth of green algae. And it will be particularly effective in a relatively small bath. You can also buy other detergents that are specialized for bird baths. They may be in the form of powder or liquid.


    Be warned that do not use any bleach when cleaning the bird bath, which is hazardous to the health of birds and other animals.


Advice on how to keep a bird bath clean regularly


  1. A shade is where the bath should be put in to avoid exposing it to the sunlight.


    Sometimes green algae on the trees in the vicinity of one’s house may be carried by the wind into the bath. And those algae can grow fast if provided with sunshine, then polluting the waters in the bath within a short time.


  1. Refill the bath with clear water regularly


    Refill the bath with clear water regularly is strongly recommended to keep the bath clean for it impedes the accumulation of dust in the bath and makes it much less possible for green algae or other kinds of stuff drifting down to grow and add pollution to the bath. Consequently, birds can enjoy clean water for drinking or bathing.



  1. Flowing water is preferred if possible


    It is suggested that the bath be equipped with a miniature fountain powered by solar energy or battery to facilitate the flow of water for it can also provide birds with a cleaner bath by putting brakes on accumulated algae and dust. On top of that, flowing water is attractive to birds for these cute little creatures are more inclined to enjoy the sound and scene of flowing water. Therefore, a bird bath with a fountain is a great choice.

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26 Jul 2022 Mary

These advice sounds scientific

25 Jul 2022 Lenon

I know why my bird bath is dirty, will clean it with a little brush and flowing water next time.

18 Jul 2022 Shawn

So helpful to me,thanks!

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