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Have a Wonderful Picnic with Your Dad on Father’s Day!

by Thimatic 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

Have a Wonderful Picnic with Your Dad on Father’s Day!


It’s June, and Father’s Day is coming! What’s your plan for that day? Here is a great idea. How about having a picnic? Do you know anything about father's day picnic ideas? It’s not only can be a celebration for the father, but also a good opportunity for family gatherings. Come and have a look at the following recommendations on what needs to prepare for a beautiful and considerate picnic. There are many practical items, don’t miss them!



NO.1 Outdoor Pop-up Canopy Tent With Mesh Side Walls



When having a picnic on summer days, a pop-up canopy is an essential item that you need to

prepare. A canopy can provide a shade, protecting you from the ultraviolet or light rain. Besides, the mesh sidewalls can effectively keep annoying insects away, for example, the mosquitoes. If there are little kids in your family, then they can play games under the tent when it is hot outsides. In a word, It’s really helpful for your families to enjoy the time during the picnic!




NO.2 Inflatable Blow-up Mega Movie Projector Screen 



What else would you like to do while relishing delicious food? Watch a movie! If you get an inflatable projector screen, then you can enjoy movies on a big screen with your families outdoors. With the fan pump included, the movie screen can be blown up in a few minutes and kept inflated throughout the show. You can also prepare a movie that tells the story of father and son on your projector such as the Dangal/Wrestling competition, Finding Nemo, The Pursuit of Happiness, I am Sam, Big Fish, which will mark this meaningful day.










NO.3 Metal Square Patio BBQ Stove



Speaking of food for the picnic, some people like to cook food at home and take them out, others like cook food outdoors. In this case, a barbecue stove is super suitable for those who are lovers of barbecue. With a barbecue stove, you will be able to grill meat while enjoying the scenery around and get fresh food for the picnic. It’s also a good idea to cook by yourself for your father, he will be more than happy. As for the kind of stove, we highly recommend the fire pit that has 3 in 1 function. It can be used as a brazier, barbecue, or grill. You can also fill it with ice and use it as a cooler during the hot summers. Isn’t that practical? 









NO.4 Portable Power Station with Battery Generator



When you are outdoors, what if your smartphone is out of power and you need to use it? This item can help you solve such emergent problems. It is equipped with 3 different outlets. The USB outlet can charge phones, iPads, cameras, fans, or lights simultaneously. The AC outlet is suitable for low-power appliances such as computers, ice makers, air coolers, etc.; The DC outlet is 12V, which can be used for car refrigerators and stereo; Therefore, with this portable power station, you can even use the appliance outdoors! Imagine, how cool to make ice cubes for drinks and have your meal with cool air from an electric fan!




NO.5 Outdoor Solar Torch Lights with Flickering Flame



The solar torch lights are especially for those who plan to go camping or have a party outdoors in the evening. When it’s dark, you need lightening for all activities. These lights are charged by solar power, which is convenient for outdoor use. And the lights produce realistic dancing flames which are so amazing for lightening atmosphere of relaxation. With the comfortable ambiance created by these lights, you may have a nice talk with your families about fond memories.









That’s all for what we recommend for a picnic on Father’s Day. We have prepared other ideas for gifts and activities for this special day, please stay tuned!

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24 Jul 2022 Natasha

The portable power station is attractive to me

19 Jul 2022 Francis

I already have the inflatable projector screen, it’s amazing!

13 Jul 2022 Cosin

The lights seems good

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