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2022 American Flag Etiquette and How to Attach a Flag to a Pole

by Billing Team 09 Jan 2024 3 Comments

2022 American Flag Etiquette and How to Attach a Flag to a Pole 

Independence Day is coming! Many people will hang an American flag in their garden or beside their house to express their love for the country. Do you know the proper rules and etiquette for flying the American flag? The U.S. Flag Code was established by Congress in 1942. It provides guidelines for treating this national symbol with dignity. It’s essential to learn and abide by it. It’s useful for you when displaying the American flag, and also helpful when you see others inappropriately treat the flag.

NO.1 Special rules for Memorial Day

The Flag Code especially recommends displaying the American flag on Independence Day, and also on other major holidays like Flag Day, Veterans Day, and Labor Day. However, attention needs to be paid particularly to Memorial Day. On that day, the American flag should be flown at half-mast from sunrise until noon, then raised to the full mast for the rest of the holiday. Because this day is for mourning the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States armed forces.

NO.2 Keep the flag in good condition.

Remember, do not fly a flag if there is any dirt on it or it is slit. The flag represents the country and it must be treated seriously. Take good care of the flag and have a check every time before flying it. While attaching it to the pole, try to prevent your flag from touching the floor or water. 

NO.3 Solemnly dispose of an old flag

If your flag is out of shape or the color fades away, you may plan to buy a new one. But, what to do with the old flag? The Federal Flag Code tells us that unserviceable flags should be burned in a ceremonial manner. If it is illegal to burn synthetic materials in your state or you are afraid that it might be misunderstood by others who find you are burning the flag, you can call the local American Legion post, they usually have flag disposal ceremonies on Flag Day, June 14. 

Next, let us show you how to attach a flag to a pole. There are three steps. The first step is the key to the procedure. Once you get the approach of the first step, you almost know how to do this task. 

Step 1. Use the rope to run a loop through the eye of the hook

Firstly, you need to connect the hook with the rope. Use the rope to run a loop just like the illustration shows, then insert that bit of rope through the hole on the bottom of the hook and loop it over the top. At last, pull the rope back and it will tighten around the hook.

Congratulations, you have done the very first step!

Step 2. Attach the hook to the hole of the flag at the stars section

You can find that there are two holes on one side of the flag. Hold the flag so the blue stars section faces up, find the hole there, insert the fastener into this hole and clip it to the flag at the stars section. Be careful with the place of the first hole, make sure you have seen the stars section is in the right direction and place.

Step 3. Attach another hook to the bottom of the flag

Using the same way as the last step to attach another hook, clip the fasteners to another hole of the flag. Remember not to drop the flag and avoid touching the ground during this process, which can keep the flag clean. If your flag is larger and there may be another hole in the middle of the flag, attach a clip and loop it through the flag just like the above way.

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Really detailed!

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Wow, I get to how to attach a flag to a pole

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