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2022 Add Excitement To Your Party With A Raffle Drum

by Frank Law 12 May 2022 0 Comments

2022 Add Excitement To Your Party With A Raffle Drum


    Are you worried that guests will not have enough fun at your party? Are you getting tired of the basic tedious games at the party? Are you trying to find an activity that everyone can join at your party? Now, getting a raffle drum may help you with these concerns!


    A raffle drum is a device that can be used to mix up and rotate raffle tickets to ensure a fair and random prize draw. As a game of chance, a raffle can always add some fun and excitement to an activity whereas a ruffle drum provides a fascinating display that encourages more people to participate in. Other than home parties, there are so many situations that you can apply raffle: You can rally a crowd by hosting prize giveaways at trade shows, you can organize fundraisers for your club or other activities, you can also boost employee morale and make them get closer to each other at office parties.


    As for raffle drums, mostly, there are two kinds of raffle drums brass raffle drums and plastic raffle drums:

    A brass raffle has both aesthetic and practical features. It will surely be an enticing addition to your gathering with lots of people with its shiny golden appearance. And fabricated from perforated metal, the holes of a brass raffle also allow people to see the contents while being spun. If you are looking for a metal raffle drum, the VIVOHOME Brass Plated Raffle Drum could be the perfect choice for you.


    There are two sizes (small/ medium) of drums for you to choose from VIVOHOME that can meet most people's needs on most occasions. Several reasons make the VIVOHOME raffle drum the perfect choice for you. First of all, made from high-quality metal with a layer of bronze, the VIVOHOME raffle drums are durable and can ensure long service life. And they have better stability with their rectangle base and reinforced legs. Secondly, they have a great capacity. With the dimension of 14.8"(L) x 10.6"(W) x 11.2"(H), a small raffle drum can be filled with up to 3000 small-size raffle tickets or 100 ping pong balls. As for the medium ones, they can be filled with up to 5000 small-size raffle tickets or 200 ping pong balls with the dimension of 18.9"(L) x 13"(W) x 14.6"(H). And the VIVOHOME raffle drums provide a comfortable and convenient user experience with their considerate design. A firm latch and a stable body keep the contents secure within the body while spinning. Also, with a comfortable-to-hold wooden handle being added, it is super easy to spin and maneuver.


    Many people love to use acrylic plastic raffle drums, too. Its clearness allows people to have an unobstructed view of what is going on in the drum, making the process very impressive and professional. It may not have an as enticing appearance as brass drums, yet the clear design of acrylic plastic raffle drums provides an entertaining display for viewers.


    No matter what kind of raffle drums you buy, having a raffle drum at your party is worth a consideration.

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