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  • Dec 31, 2021
  • Frank Law
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4 Ideas About How to Decorate Your Home with Holiday Vibes

Decoration can be a little fussy. You have to make it good-looking and has your own style in it at the same time. Need to think a lot: how to do it? What elements will be good? How to maintain one style with every piece of furniture. But when it is all done, it has the power to turn spiritless furniture back to life, back to a style that represents you, and back to whatever you want it to be. "One should never be the oldest thing in one's house." —Patsy Stone.


Everything changes every day. So does your home. We not only have seasonsbut we also have holidays. A holiday without any decoration is not much a holiday, right? People just like holidays. Only a few days in every year that we don’t have to work every minute. We just relax and chill. Enjoy the vibes.

Frank, from VIVOHOME, has spent most of his time searching for those who does a great job in home decoration. “When I was a young kid, I’ve always loved decorating my room during the holidays.” “And after a few decades, I realized that the most important and most fun thing about decoration, is that everybody in the family gets involved. We all feel happy when my whole family doing one thing.” says Frank. Now, He is the marketing man of VIVOHOME. If he wants to create more sales, he’s gotta learn a lot of things from his customers. So during this winter season and holiday, Frank shares some inspiring and interesting tips on how to decorate your home with each specific holiday vibes.

Halloween Decoration: Pumpkins, Ghosts and Orange Colors

First, we talk about Halloween. Every time I speak up about Halloween, I am always trying not to sound like a cliche. Last Halloween, I was doing researches about our product:3-Tier Storage Shelve.

And that is the moment I came to Liz, an Instagram influencer. She likes this one and said that she’s obsessed with our products. So I sent her the shelve and it was near Halloween. I was hoping to see how she make it into a different look. Well, it turns out perfect.  Definitely Halloween style by everyone’s first look.

If there is a color that represents Halloween, it gotta be orange color. The pumpkin, the moon, and the Jack-O'-Lanterns. But what Liz did is a very creative job that people won’t feel any cliche about its Halloween decoration. So the whole decor is remained yellow-orange color style but used different items to present. There is a lamp that glows yellow light. Some pumpkins but with black color. And I think the most important element is the maple which is used to be known as the Fall. The box or bucket are changed to pumpkin and ghost pictures on it, Cuteness and pragmatism at the same time. Liz did a perfect job which inspired me a lot about decoration.

Christmas Decoration: What is the most important Element?

After Halloween, here comes Christmas. And that time I was in charge of promoting our 3 in 1 Coat Rack

Well, I noticed that some people are ahead of time to decorate their home for Christmas. I saw Claudy Peland holiday decor is what her thing. So I came to her by sending her a coat rack. When I got her feedback, I was pretty surprised she did such an amazing decoration.

I like the way she’s doing the whole decorating thing. Just so clean and everything just perfectly fits. Take a look as a whole, all is white and red. White parts like the snow. The wall, the white reed, and the stairs. Now it has some red and a few greens in, the red flower on the greed ribbon lingering on the rack. Bring so much positivity and energy to this place. Her white shoes and white coat on the rack have naturally become very outstanding elements of Christmas vibes and complementary with her white and red dress.

So the key to doing a Christmas decor is that, make it simple but significant by choosing the right colors.

Veteran Decoration: Show the Respects and Put on Some Heaviness

Every year’s Veteran Day as known as Armistice Day is also a big event in the United States. It is to show our respect and thanks to those veterans especially those who have participated in all wars. Without them fighting for our country, there is no way we could live a much better life. We celebrate on this day and that is why we decorate our home on this day.

In general, people will do something some decor similar to our country flag. And normally the vibes are not as light and fun as other holidays. It is more of a serious our honesty in the Veteran Decoration.

I was doing a Plant Stand product promotion couple of days before Veteran Day. And I collaborated with Sabrina who loves to do home decor. It is pretty smart that use a white plant pot because our stand is the black one. Indicated less fun, but more elegant and high level decorate. Put it near the window. Even Shadows are beautiful looking when lights went through them. Very concise, but still has its grand style. More like an Ikea style. So if you guys don’t have some materials to do the colors, flags, or whatever. Never wrong to keep your decor in this way.

Thanksgiving: Its All About Your Family


I need Thanksgiving vibes. For a young man who works far away from home, Thanksgiving is the day I can finally have the chance to go back home and spend time with my family. And decorate with family unions, lots of fun!

Every home has one coat rack. It makes sense that a lot of people start the decoration by the entryway coat rack. Our coat rack is loved by many of our customers. I sent this 5 in 1 Entryway Coat Rack to our friend AyocinShe was not decorating this rack for it needed to be decorated, she did this is because of Thanksgiving. We know that she loves it and use this rack to hang some jackets and purse, put on some shoes and blankets. And wants to do something about it for the upcoming Thanksgiving. By putting on some flowers and displaying some small ornaments, turning her home full of Thanksgiving vibes.

She made this rack more than just a piece of furniture. Through her decoration, we can see is fall, we can see the sweetness, we can see the family behind this furniture.

The decoration is imagination. It is creative and it has no limits. Those are just a few of my ideas. Hoping sparked some inspiration in your head. I’m very looking forward to seeing more and more people willing to take time and effort to their home. “As we evolve, our homes should too.” – Suzanne Tucker.

I just love what I am doing. Every time I share some ideas with your guys, It’s always a pleasure. And Welcome to visit our official website to see if there is anything you guys needed for improving your home living experience. As our company’s slogan - Home improvement. Life improvement.



Frank Law is a reporter, story writer and director, currently works for VIVOHOME Marketing Department by seaching the voice of customer.

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